Top 10 Minecraft Texture Pack

The Creative One’s Medieval Texture Pack is a new comer on the list.It is very good for a role playing server or back dated adventure maps . Its a 64x resolution Texture Pack which has a lot of detail put in. All in all, obviously, it makes your Minecraft world totally Medieval.

This is also a new comer on the list of this year. Its a 16x Texture Pack which tries to improve the default Texture Pack. Its theme is almost cartoony, but incredibly joyful to use. If your in for something nice and simple. Now this one can be a good choice.

An EXTREMELY detailed Texture Pack. One of the legends in fact it has many resolutions to choose from. Its sad though because this Texture Pack has not been updated since 1.3.2, now we hope it will soon. This also might be the reason it has fallen from #5 in 2011 to #8 in 2012. I’m a big fan, despite my PC running at its edge while using it, its details is just amazing!

Faithful Texture Pack is another new comer on the list. What’s so special about it? Well, its PLAIN. In fact its plain enough to catch a lot of attention. Its plainer than the default texture pack and maybe that is exactly the reason people love it. Of course many things we buy or use today is just because its plain and simple. This Texture Pack has just that!

Ohhhh yeah. We all know what this is. It isn’t the XRay Mod though. Its the XRay Texture Pack, or what its known for today as the StrongestCraft Texture Pack. Now I know many people use these for a number of reasons. I wouldn’t go into that, I personally have tried it, and yes its helpful, but no, its not what I use. My Minecraft gaming does not require this one, but obviously many of you do…but maybe less, it fell from #4 to #6… We’ll see in a years time how it will do from here.

Now we ALL know what this one is. Its THE legend of Minecraft Texture Pack. I can’t help it but being a little biased here so I added two images. Sorry guys, we can’t always be fair can we? The sad thing about this Texture Pack? It fell from the top spot of 2011 to the #5. A 32x Texture Pack which has something in it that just makes Minecraft perfect, at least for me it does. See what you think if you haven’t already.

Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack, another one of those that everybody has probably tried before. It is the first one here on the list that actually improved its popularity over the year of 2012. From # 6 it moved up to #4. Realistic indeed, its a 64x Texture Pack that has really detailed its texture to the point you will be amazed. I specifically chose the Creeper image because it actually scared me at times that it caught me off guard. So if your not up for it, don’t. No actually do, it’ll be fun!

Now the DokuCraft has moved down one spot, not so bad considering how other popular mods have fallen dramatically in popularity losing ways for the new comers. Its comparably popular to the JohnSmith Texture Pack if you look at it through the Minecraft history book. I mean if I had to come up with names of Minecraft Texture Packs in a blick of an eye, this would be it. Its a 32x and 64x Texture Pack. Its currently being continued by the community of fans and you should check it out. I mean if you probably can’t call yourself a true Minecraft fan if you never have.

Here is something special. A new comer totally out of nowhere and up to the second spot! I know it surprises you, It surprises me TOO! But ehre it is, a 64x Texture Pack aimed at creative something realistic, yet simple and smooth. A great concept and I do have to admit, when you innovate and think out of the box, trying to mix something together and finally making a perfect combination, it pays. I would think of Steve Job putting an MP3 player together with a Phone, but I don’t know if its relevant. Anyhow this is it, our second most popular Texture Pack of 2012.


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