Make Pinterest More Than Just A Pinboard!

So each Friday we have a weekly #Pinchat on Twitter, at 10 pm ET, hosted by my lovely friend Kelly Lieberman. Last week we chatted with a guest named @Pinfluenced who has made it their goal to bring certain ‘pins’ to life. #Pinchat is a chat about Pinterest, for those unaware. The topic revolved around taking ‘pins’ you like, or that influence you, and making them come to life. The week before, Kelly created a Pinterest Challenge that pushed people to create real things from their ‘pins’. This has inspired me to create my own board of ‘pins’ I’m bringing to life. The concept is something that I believe people are missing when it comes to Pinterest.

Over the past few weeks, since Pinterest was first introduced as a Facebook app, it is all I hear about. Phrases like “I’M ADDICTED TO PINTEREST” or “I LOOOOOOVE PINTEREST!!” have grown quite annoying for me. The word-of-mouth marketing for Pinterest has been the greatest marketing tool they have. People are so wrapped up in ‘pinning’ things and chatting with friends about styles, wedding fantasies and dream houses that they are missing a great opportunity that the site is providing, which is creating motivation. Many people are creating boards directed at fitness, recipes, traveling and DIY projects. These are the types of boards that house ‘pins’ that are easy to make happen. Instead of just ‘pinning’ fun-to-do pins, DO THEM!! When you create goals or to-do lists it is best to write them down because it is easier to SEE your goals rather than thinking, and possibly, forgetting about them. This is what Pinterest provides, your goals laid out for you to SEE everyday!

I suggest you create a NEW board of all the ‘pins’ that you brought to life. My first one was a recipe. Yours could be a fitness one and take before and after photos of your progress. Create fun household DIY projects and take a picture of how it’s used in your household. Anything! It brings a new aspect to this, relatively new, social network and should also renew your motivation to try new things. As you take pictures of your projects and ‘pin’ them to your new board, it allows you to see the progress you’ve made. This concept of visual progress is exactly what Pinterest really is, a visual stimulus. We are going back to a visual era, which is where these two things can mesh well.

There are so many things you may want to try, but take it slow and pick one at a time. Once you finish and post it, start on a new one and so on. It can be very exciting for some or can totally create a new passion for others as well. You never know, you may create something that can completely change your life for the better, but you’ll never know unless you try it out!

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