Internet Marketing: Joint Venture Techniques

When doing the internet marketing business, becoming a joint venture or JV partner is an option. It is not going to be easy being a joint venture if you haven’t acquired the savvy in handling giveaways. A balance must be made between giving away and maximizing your profits subtly and effectively.

Here’s some information if you want to join as a JV partner. This is where you will donate a gift that you will give away in exchange for people subscribing to your list or your newsletter. The first thing to do is donate a gift that the majority of the visitors coming to the site are going to want to download.

If they don’t want the product or giveaway, they’re not going to click on your gift and it clearly misses the purpose. The better is the gift that you give away, the more responses you’re going to get. That is what will help you build your list faster.

Own product

Also, if the gift donation is not your own product, make sure you have the right to give it away. If you open a product a lot of times there will be a license in the front and it will tell you what your options are.

Whether you have the right to give something away or not or whether it’s just to be sold, know your rights accordingly. Make sure that this is a gift that you can give away if it’s something that you had that has resell rights. But not all resell rights are the same. So clear this up right from the beginning.

Place a description or an ad in this giveaway for full benefits like a classified ad. You want the people to know how this is going to improve their business if they were to download you’re product or how they will benefit from it.

Make your capture page almost like a sales letter. Don’t just send them to a form to fill-out because lots of times when you have your description of your product, you don’t get much more that what a classified ad will be. Go into and expand on the benefits that they’re going to receive.

While you’re at it, make sure that they fill out your form and give you their email address and their name. You can even add bonuses at this time. You can add bonuses that are unadvertised on this particular page so that it’ll make them more apt to opt-in to your list. Here is full article

Downloading products

Make it single opt-in and as easy for them as possible. Don’t make them work their tail off to get something you’re trying to give them because after a while, they’ll get tired and they may not even get to your list. They’ll be getting tired of downloading products.

It is also vital that you place the gift download information in the email that they’re going to receive because that ensures that you’re going to get a valid email address. So when they go and check their email, they have to go there to get the gift. You don’t send them directly to a download page or to a download link.

When they fill-out the form they’re going to go to another page because there’s a redirect on the form. Tell them that they have to go to their email to get the download information. Don’t let them guess where the information is at.

You can also put a bonus or a one-time offer on your thank you page. That way you can possibly even make some money while building your list.

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