If Apple Had 4 Wheels

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Apple made a car? With their innovations in gadgets and tech, the vehicle wouldn’t be anything less than spectacular. With their love for networking their devices, the car would probably be compatible with all of their products. If this sounds like a dream, in the year 2020, your dream may come true.

The Apple iMove concept car is a dream rendered by auto design student Liviu Tudoran. As a student at the Istituto Europeo di Design’s Turin, Italy campus, Tudoran drew his inspiration for the iMove from Apple’s current mouse design. The exterior of the car flows with large curves and a sleek design. Many of the areas of the car are made from transparent materials which will allow use of solar panels as well as create an open feel for the driver.

The roof of the car is a glass hatch that opens in the back and swings toward the front. The transparent material is integrated with triangular sensors that collect solar power to operate the dashboard. Both of the side windows open in the front and slide towards the back, giving the driver full access to the interior of the car and create a convertible feel. The windows are operated with a recessed button shaped like the Apple logo.

The interior is designed for a maximum of 3 occupants, with the 3rd rear seat placed in the middle of the car, creating the feeling of community with the front passengers. It features a compact storage system that utilizes straps to keep the cargo in place. The entire car is designed for customization which will allow integration of all Apple products with easy connectivity of iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The innovative design will allow the driver to swap out the products easily and has a touchscreen dashboard that will offer full control of the gadgets.

The car includes a wide range of color options to be chosen to fit the driver’s preferences. The outer layer is made of a photochromic material that changes colors to match the programmed colored schemes the driver can choose from. Yellow, pink and different shades of blue have been depicted in the concept drawings.

The car would run on electricity only and no gas hybrid options would be available. The car was designed for city driving; therefore the tires are thinner and not meant for rough roads or steep hills. The zero emissions design has the environment in mind and will give drivers the feeling of green driving every day.

The Apple iMove concept car is proposed for production in 2020; however as with most concept cars it may never see the light of day. The innovative design however, does show the creativity of the designer and the bright future he may have.

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