How to get more people to open your email

Ok, brace yourself for “what actually works” but is not always initially obvious. So, expect that you may internally question some of what you read here before you finish the entire course and/or test it out yourself. However, I promise if you accurately use this resource; you will be shocked at the increases in your email marketing efforts.

You see, focus is the most important aspect here. Or, more specifically; focusing on the fundamentals.

Once you have more than let’s say 100 subscribers on your email list, it is literally impossible for you to “guess” who they are, what they want, what they already have, how they feel about the economy, what their religious beliefs are, or even where and how they live.

So, since you can ONLY generalize them down, at this point, to what they have “opted in” for to get on your list; you have to focus on the fundamental detail that they are all humans and therefore; Psychology works because it works on all of us.

I’m about to give you some tips and tricks that, when used correctly, work so well they will work on you and I even when we can identify them beforehand…again, because we’re humans and Psychology works on all of us.

Ok, so how do we get more people to open our emails? Fundamentals, get used to hearing that J Cliff Hanger Subject Lines; that’s how. At least that’s what I call them and most of the time I see this done incorrectly. Let me explain. We all know the specific job of the subject line is to get people to open our emails. The fundamentals of the environment YOUR subscribers are generally dealing with here are a “sea” of subject lines in their email program or website, way too much “junk” or “junkie” stuff, BUT some messages that could potentially be Super Important to them or Personal. So, they are almost forced to skim the subject lines and not always enjoying it.

The way most marketers do this is by using hype or underhanded tricks. Both of which are extreme relationship killers. Instead, try to focus on forcing them to open your email out of curiosity WITHOUT ruining your relationship with them to achieve this goal (that’s the important part).

Cliffhanger Subject Lines are perfect for this. A cliffhanger is a fragment of a thought that ends with 3 dots to imply there’s more info inside the email (…). Most email marketers don’t do this and of the one’s I see attempting them, there’s usually a fundamental flaw that ruins it. That flaw is just splitting a sentence in half, using the first half in the subject line, then the last half in the body of the email. It’s not that “simple”. Effective cliffhangers work because they LITERALLY leave your subscriber NEEDING to know the rest of the thought. Therefore, simply splitting your sentence in half doesn’t always work because sometimes the first half of YOUR sentence can be mistakenly assumed to be an entire thought. I think it’s time for some examples.

Ineffective Cliffhanger Subject Line Examples:

This is the coolest product… I really love this tool…

You can make money with this…

Effective Versions of the SAME Examples:

This is…

I reeeeally…

You can make…

The important difference between these is that it is literally impossible to “guess” what’s inside the body of the email from just these subject lines and THAT’S what a Cliffhanger is for.

Now, you may have noticed I threw a little twist in there on the 2nd Effective Example by adding 3 more “e”’s to the word really. That’s because emotion is the next tool I want to talk with you about. Whatever you know about Grammar or have learned in school, College, or University is not only less important in email marketing; but is actually detrimental in many cases. This is about connecting with people, not impressing them with grammatical correctness OR being concerned with whether some people think you know how to be grammatically correct. Adding a few vowels like I did in the above example can be HIGHLY effective in communicating emotion, however doing this the wrong way can have precisely the opposite affect. So, be sure to think it out when you use this. Since I see this screwed up sometimes, here’s a quick example:

Correct use of vowels to express emotion: Reeeeeally

Incorrect use of vowels to express emotion:


It’s about how we speak. If I were to literally “say” Reeeeeally, the letter I would drag out would be the “eeeeee”, not the “aaaaaa” and don’t think for a second that it’s not that important and people will know what you mean..they won’t. They’ll notice after the fact which is the exact opposite of helping to communicate emotion.

Be sure to use these sparingly. Over use of ANY tool will “water down” its effectiveness. So, pick and choose “when” you want give your subscriber an extra human “nudge”.

Now, you were just given the most effective way I know to get more of your emails opened. If you increase your email open rate by double (which is seriously a conservative estimate of how much this can increase your open rate if this is new information to you), you’ve just double everything after they open; double the clicks, double the engagement, double the sales

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