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There are plenty of mobile games about colorful spheres that need to change places in order to advance. “Magic Color Balls” by Free Game Factory might seem to be like them at first, but uses a unique set of rules and gameplay mechanics, to really make a difference. The goal is to remove as many balls from the playing field as possible. The colors play a key element here, as they can’t just be switched and moved at random.


“Magic Color Balls” is, as the name implies, pretty colorful. The shiny marbles rest on a wooden board with grooves in it. The game comes in various resolutions so it should fit every device nicely and look crisp and clean. Sadly there is not much eye candy in-game – no animations or other effects as well. It still looks like solid work and there are no inconsistencies in the style of the game and it serves the purpose of a clear playing environment pretty well.


The game seems erratic when it comes to sound and music. Actually only when it comes to the sounds, because there is no music in-game. When moving the balls around or opening menu items, strange confirmation sounds are played that reminded us more of some kind of shooter than a strategic thinking-game.


The game employs a one-touch control scheme and there is hardly anything you have to really learn. The motions come naturally and the game picks up everything without input lag. Sometimes it seems to be too precise. Sloppy drag-and-drop motions won’t be recognized, unless you hit the spot just right. This is jus a minor issue though and hardly impacts the gameplay.

Magic Color Balls


The really original about this game is perhaps its overall gameplay. Of course there are other board games out there in the Store, but none of them employ the same mechanisms and rules as “Magic Color Balls”. Yet still this isn’t something that makes the game stand out really. The abundance of games about shiny balls or just plain strategic board games makes it hard for a newcomer to show potential.


Once you discover this game though, it won’t let you off the hook that easily. It offers highly addictive gaming sessions with personal highscores and it is a real challenge for the mind. Yet one thing really stings when it comes to replay value: The game’s rules are not that easy to understand. The explanation is hardly any help and until you figure out what to do by yourself, you may just give up and leave the game alone. This really hampers with the game’s potential long-term appeal, because you actually never make it past the steep learning curve.

This should not keep you from playing though. If you really like this kind of mobile game and you are really enjoying a challenge, then the rules should be no obstacle for you. It is free after all so there is no harm done if you head right over to the Google Play Store and click “install“.

Magic Color Balls – Rating


“Magic Color Balls” is a nice little game with challenging gameplay and good controls. It could do better when it comes to sound though. This is why we award this mobile game with a “Good”.

  • Graphics6

  • Sound5

  • Controls8

  • Originality6

  • Replayability7

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