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file_icons/apple.gif Automated Contract Formation for Electronic Value-added Services in the Internet—The Case of Bandwidth-on-Demand Contracts in Europe   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  M. Waldburger, B. Stiller
Short Description:  Commercial offerings of electronically provided value-added services in the Internet ask for the respective commercialization support mechanisms to be in place. Oncecontracts for such services have to be concluded in automated manner, legalcompliance in contract formation determines a key issue...
file_icons/apple.gif Design and Implementation of a Distributed Platform for Sharing IP Flow Records   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  C. Morariu, P. Racz, B. Stiller
Short Description:  Experiments using real traffic traces are of key importance in many network management research fields, such as traffic characterization, intrusion detection, and accounting. Access to such traces is often restricted due to privacy issues; research institutions typically have to sign non-disclo...
file_icons/apple.gif Answering Queries Using Cooperative Semantic Caching   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Andrei Vancea, Burkhard Stiller
Short Description:  Semantic caching is a technique used for optimizing the evaluation of database queries by caching results of previous answered queries at the client side and using the cached results when trying to answer new queries. Before sending a query to the database server, the client first checks, if th...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Fast Learning Neural Network Intrusion Detection System   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Robert Koch
Short Description:  Assuring the security of networks is an increasingly challeng- ing task. The number of online services and migration of traditional ser- vices like stocktrading and online payments to the Internet is still rising. On the other side, criminals are attracted by the values of business data, money ...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Changing Network Behavior   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  R. Koch
Short Description:  The security of computer networks has been in the focus of research for years. While several sophisticated systems had been developed in the area of Intrusion Detection, new challenges arised. Pattern matching systems are not able to cope with high bandwidth (10 Gbps +) when analyzing the whole...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Power Management for Sparse Acoustic Underwater Networks   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Tumar, A. Sehgal, J. Schönwälder
Short Description:  As a result of the large area to be monitored in most underwater sensor network applications, many acoustic networks have a sparse topology. The underwater acoustic channel characteristics can cause power consumption of nodes to be quite high. This paper presents information on a work in progre...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Variability of Available Capacity due to the Effects of Depth and Temperature in the Underwater Acoustic Communication Channel   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Sehgal, I. Tumar, J. Schönwälder
Short Description:  It is well established that path loss in the underwater acoustic channel is dependent on the transmission distance and signal frequency utilized, thereby causing the capacity to be dependent on transmission distance. It has been demonstrated that this dependence of capacity can lead to signific...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Service Coalitions for Future Internet Services   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  J.R. Loyola, C.M. Campos, S. Willmott, A. Astorga, J. Serrat, A. Galis
Short Description:  This paper proposes an algorithm that enables the support for a service market place in which service providers can negotiate and form coalitions in a self-centred approach. We present the main features of the algorithm and evaluate the proposed solution under different technical aspects includ...
file_icons/apple.gif SURFmap: A Network Monitoring Tool Basd on the Google Maps API   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  R. J. Hofstede and T. Fioreze
Short Description:  Network monitoring allows network managers to get a better insight in the network traffic transiting in a managed network. In order to make the tasks of a network manager easier, many network monitoring tools are made available for a wide range of purposes (e.g., traffic accounting, performance...
file_icons/apple.gif Self-Management of Hybrid Networks: Can We Trust NetFlow Data?   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  T. Fioreze, L. Granville, A. Pras, A. Sperotto, R. Sadre
Short Description:  Network measurement provides vital information on the health of managed networks. The collection of network information can be used for several reasons (e.g., accounting or security) depending on the purpose the collected data will be used for. At the University of Twente (UT), an automatic dec...
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