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file_icons/pdf1.gif The Role of AI-Planning in the Management of Future Internet   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  F. Liu
Short Description:  One of the major research challenges in the design of the future Internet is to include management into the network. To serve this purpose, many researchers believe that the task decomposition capability is one of the important requirements for the management of the future Internet. It assists ...
file_icons/document.gif Token-based Payment in Dynamic SAML-based Federations   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  David J. Lutz, Burkhard Stiller
Short Description:  Abstract. The newly developed approach on token-based payments introduces an integration of payments with current schemes for Identity Federations based on SAML. This new design utilizes an established federation infrastructure as well as its protocols... 2nd Conference on Autonomous...
file_icons/pdf3.gif Towards a Toolkit for the Analysis and Design of Systems with Self–Management Capabilities   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Ralf Koenig
Short Description:  Published in: Proceedings of First International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security, AIMS 2007, 168–171, LNCS 4543, Springer, Oslo, Norway, Juni, 2007.
file_icons/document.gif Towards and Information Model That Suports Service-Aware, Self-managing Virtual Resources   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Claire Fahy, Steven Davy, Zohra Boudjemil, Sven van der Meer, Javier Rubio Loyola, Joan Serrat ...
Short Description:  Abstract. The AUTOI project is creating a virtual communicatin resource overlay with autonomic characteristics to adapt the services and resources offfered to meet changing user needs, business goals, and environments conditions. Self-knowledge enables the network on reconfigure itself in the f...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Towards Self-healing in Wireless Sensor Networks   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  T. Bourdenas, M. Sloman
Short Description:  Faults in WSN are very common and appear in different levels of the system. For pervasive applications to be adopted by end-users there is a need for autonomic self- healing. This paper discusses our initial approach to self- healing in WSN and describes experiments with two case studies of bod...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Tracking global wide configuration errors   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Jerôme Francois, Radu State and Olivier Festor
Short Description:  Proc. IEEE / IST Workshop on Monitoring, Attack Detection and Mitigation, 28-29 september, Tuebingen, Germany.
file_icons/pdf3.gif Uncertainty in Global Application Services with Load Sharing Policy   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Mark Burgess and Sven Ulland
Short Description:  Proc. 7th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management (DSOM 2006), October 23-25, 2006, Dublin, Ireland.
file_icons/pdf1.gif Urban Computing and Mobile Devices   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Calabrese, F et al.
Short Description:  IEEE Pervasive Computing. Volume 6, Issue 3, pp. 52 - 57 July-September 2007
file_icons/pdf1.gif Using Self-management for Establishing Light Paths in Optical Networks : an Overview   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Tiago Fioreze and Aiko Pras
Short Description:  Proc. EUNICE 2006
file_icons/pdf1.gif Variability of Available Capacity due to the Effects of Depth and Temperature in the Underwater Acoustic Communication Channel   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Sehgal, I. Tumar, J. Schönwälder
Short Description:  It is well established that path loss in the underwater acoustic channel is dependent on the transmission distance and signal frequency utilized, thereby causing the capacity to be dependent on transmission distance. It has been demonstrated that this dependence of capacity can lead to signific...
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