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file_icons/pdf3.gif Scheduling Feed Retrieval   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  W. van Wanrooij, A. Pras
Short Description:  IEEE International Conference on Communications 2007-Network Services and Operations Symposium (ICC-NSO 2007) Glasgow, June 2007
file_icons/apple.gif Self-Management of Hybrid Networks: Can We Trust NetFlow Data?   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  T. Fioreze, L. Granville, A. Pras, A. Sperotto, R. Sadre
Short Description:  Network measurement provides vital information on the health of managed networks. The collection of network information can be used for several reasons (e.g., accounting or security) depending on the purpose the collected data will be used for. At the University of Twente (UT), an automatic dec...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Self-management of lambda-connections in optical networks   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Tiago Fioreze, Aiko Pras
Short Description:  Proceedings of the 1st Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS 2007) Student Workshop, 21-23 June 2007, Oslo, Norway. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4543, pp. 212-215.
file_icons/document.gif Self-organising Management Overlays for Future Internet Services   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Lawrence Cheng, Alex Galis, Bertrand Mathieu, Kerry jean, Roel Ocampo, Lefteris Mamatas, Javier ...
Short Description:  Abstract- Networks are becoming service-aware implying that all relevantbusiness goals pertaining to a service are fulfilled, and also the network resources are used optimally. Future Internet Networks (FIN) have time varying topology (g.g. such networks are envisagred in Autonomic Internet. ...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Service Coalitions for Future Internet Services   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  J.R. Loyola, C.M. Campos, S. Willmott, A. Astorga, J. Serrat, A. Galis
Short Description:  This paper proposes an algorithm that enables the support for a service market place in which service providers can negotiate and form coalitions in a self-centred approach. We present the main features of the algorithm and evaluate the proposed solution under different technical aspects includ...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Services Management using Context Information, Ontologies and the Policy-Based Management Paradigm   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  J.M.Serrano, J.Serrat, J.Strassner, G.Cox, R.Carroll, M. O Foghlú
Short Description:  1st IEEE Workshop on Autonomic Communications and Network Management (ACNM 2007), pp.32-40. Munich, 25th May, 2007
file_icons/pdf3.gif Smart Dimensioning of IP Network Links   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Remco van de Meent, Michel Mandjes, Aiko Pras
Short Description:  IFIP/IEEE DSOM2007, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4785, Springer, San Jose, California, USA.
file_icons/apple.gif SNMP Traffic Analysis: Approaches, Tools, and First Results, Proc.   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  J. Schoenwaelder, A. Pras, M. Harvan, J. Schippers, R. van de Meent,
Short Description:  10th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management
file_icons/pdf1.gif Specification of Dependencies for IT Service Fault Management   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Hanemann, A., Marcu, P., Sailer, M., Schmitz, D.
Short Description:  Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT 2006), pp. 257–260, INSTICC press, Setubal, Portugal, September, 2006.
file_icons/apple.gif SURFmap: A Network Monitoring Tool Basd on the Google Maps API   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  R. J. Hofstede and T. Fioreze
Short Description:  Network monitoring allows network managers to get a better insight in the network traffic transiting in a managed network. In order to make the tasks of a network manager easier, many network monitoring tools are made available for a wide range of purposes (e.g., traffic accounting, performance...
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