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file_icons/pdf1.gif GOREMOCH: A Distributed Goal-oriented Policy Refinement Environment   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Javier Rubio, Joan Serrat, Marinos Charalambides, Paris Flegkas, George Pavlou
Short Description:  2006 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations & Management (NOMS 2006), Vancouver, Canada, 3-7 April, 2006 (Poster)
file_icons/pdf1.gif Guassian Traffic Everywhere ?   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Remco van de Meent, Michel Mandjes, Aiko Pras
Short Description:  Proc IEEE ICC'2006
file_icons/pdf1.gif Heuristic Search using a Feedback Scheme in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Ha Manh Tran and Juergen Schoenwaelder
Short Description:  Proc. 5th International Workshop on Databases, Information Systems and Peer-to-Peer Computing (DBISP2P 2007), Vienna, September 2007
file_icons/pdf1.gif Improving Web Services Interoperability with Binding Extensions   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  E.Jaén, J.Serrat, E.Luque
Short Description:  2007 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2007), pp.873-879, Salt Lake City, USA, 9-13 July, 2007
file_icons/apple.gif Integrated Network Management   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Peter Racz, Burkhard Stiller
Short Description:  Accounting is a key task in commercial networks. With the increasing number of IP-based services and mobility support, accounting needs to evolve towards an integrated, service-oriented accounting approach in a mobile environment. Therefore, this dissertation digest paper presents the Service-o...
file_icons/apple.gif Internet Management Protocols   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  J. Schoenwaelder
Short Description:  In Elsevier Handbook of Network and System Administration, November 2007.
file_icons/pdf1.gif Introducing CPU Time as a Scarce Resource in P2P Systems to Achieve Fair Use in a Distributed DNS   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Thomas Bocek, David Hausheer, Reinhard Riedl, Burkhard Stiller
Short Description:  Proc. 9th IEEE Global Internet Symposium 2006, pages 1-6, Barcelona, Spain, April 2006.
file_icons/pdf3.gif Key Research Challenges in Network Management   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Aiko Pras, Jürgen Schönwälder, Mark Burgess, Olivier Festor, Gregorio ,Martínez Pérez, Rolf Stadler
Short Description:  IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol.45 No.10, October 2007.
file_icons/document.gif LiveShift: Peer-to-peer Live Streaming with Distributed Time-Shifting   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Fabio Victora Hecht, Thomas Bocek, Cristian Morariu, David Hausheer, Burkhard Stiller
Short Description:  Abstract The increasing assortment of devices with IP connectivity contributes to the high popularity of video sharing over the Internet. High traffic generated by such applications at the source can be better distributed using a peer-to-peer overlay, since every user forwards information to ...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Management and Context Integration Based on Ontologies Behid the Interoperability in Autonomic Communications   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  J.M.Serrano, J.Serrat, J.Strassner, M.O.Foghlú
Short Description:  2007 SIWN International Conference on Complex Open Distributed Systems (CODS 2007), Vol. 1, number 4, pp.435-442, Chengdu, China, 22-24 July, 2007
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