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file_icons/document.gif Evaluation of an Accounting Model for Dynamic Virtual Organizations   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Martin Waldburger · Matthias Göhner · Helmut Reiser · Gabi Dreo Rodosek · Burkhard Stiller
Short Description:  Abstract Accounting of Grid resource and service usage determines the central support activity for Grid systems to be adopted as a means for service-oriented computing in Dy- namic Virtual Organizations (DVO). An all-embracing study of existing Grid accounting systems has revealed that these ap...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Exploiting Context-awareness for the Autonomic Management of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Apostolos Malatras, Antonis Hadjiantonis and George Pavlou
Short Description:  Journal of Network and System Management (JNSM), Special issue on Autonomic Pervasive and Context-aware Systems, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 29-55, Springer, March 2007
file_icons/document.gif Facilitating Autonomic Management for Service Provisioning using Ontology-Based Functions & Semantic Control   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  J. Martin Serrano, Joan Serrat, John Strassner, Micheál Ó Foghlú
Short Description:  Abstract - Management of broadband convergence networks (BcN) and next generation services demands new organizationalaspects also new descriptions of operations and management functions for supporting communications systems. The new organizational aspects are being engendered and supported si...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Fast Learning Neural Network Intrusion Detection System   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Robert Koch
Short Description:  Assuring the security of networks is an increasingly challeng- ing task. The number of online services and migration of traditional ser- vices like stocktrading and online payments to the Internet is still rising. On the other side, criminals are attracted by the values of business data, money ...
file_icons/document.gif Fast Similarity Search in Peer-to-Peer Networks   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Thomas Bocek, Ela Hunt, David Hausheer, Burkhard Stiller
Short Description:  Abstract - Peer-to-peer (P2P) systems show numerous advantages over centralized systems, such as load balancing, scalability, and fault tolerance, and they require certain functionality, such as search, repair, and message and data transfer. In particular, structured P2P networks perform an exa...
file_icons/pdf1.gif Fault Detection in Autonomic Networks using the Concept of Promised Cooperation   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Rémi Badonnel, Mark Burgess
Short Description:  Proc. of the 18th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management (DSOM 2007), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4785, San Jose, CA, USA, 29-31 November 2007
file_icons/pdf1.gif Fault Representation in Case-based Reasoning   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Ha Manh Tran and Juergen Schoenwaelder
Short Description:  Proc. 18th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management (DSOM 2007), San Jose, October 2007
file_icons/pdf1.gif Finding Elephants Flows for Optical Networks   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Tiago Fioreze, Mattijs Oude Wolbers, Remco van de Meent, Aiko Pras
Short Description:  Application session proceeding of the 10th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM 2007), 21-25 May 2007, Munich, Germany
file_icons/pdf1.gif Framework for Managing Context-Aware Multimedia Services in Pervasive Environments   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  M.Serrano, J.Justo, R.Marín, J. Serrat, N.Vardalachos, K.Jean, A.Galis
Short Description:  Int. Journal on Internet Protocol Technology, Vol. 2-Issue 1, pp.53-65, January 2007
file_icons/document.gif Game Theoretical Analysis of Incentives for Large-scale, Fully Decentralized Collaboration Networks   Downloaddownload_trans.gif
Author:  Thomas Bocek, Michael Shann, David Hausheer, Burkhard Stiller
Short Description:  Abstract - One of the key challenges in peer-to-peer networks is the design of incentives to encourage peers to share their resources. Incentives are necessary in order to exploit the full potential of these systems. The tit-for-tat incentive scheme, as used in BitTorrent for example, has prove...
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