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File Title:  D1.3 Report on Vision and Integration Program, Including a Handbook of IT Management   download_trans.gifDownload

Deliverable D1.3 presents a remarkable achievement of the NoE partners with respect to integration, vision and visibility of EMANICS by introducing a Handbook of Network and System Administration with joint contributions from EMANICS partners, published by Elsevier. Although the idea of writing a handbook was documented also in the project plan, it was not intended at that time to publish it by a publisher. However, during the joint discussions on writing a handbook it was decided to do so. The objectives have been to foster integration and collaboration among EMANICS partners by writing together a handbook, to increase the visibility of EMANICS by publishing the results and achievements (i.e. by Elsevier) and explicitly acknowledge EMANICS on various places in the handbook, and to produce also teaching material since the contributions do not identify only upcoming challenges and a vision for the future in the area of integrated management but they reveal also the current state-of-the-art on some particular topics. The handbook has been edited by Mark Burgess, EMANICS partner, with the University College Oslo, and Jan Bergstra from University of Amsterdam, and it details on cutting edge topics in IT management like for instance virtualization, economic management, management of ad-hoc networks, and IT service management. Thus, deliverable D1.3 thus presents the handbook and points especially to chapters that have been contributed by EMANICS. Those chapters are also appended.

Although work has continued on other topics of work package 1, as described in the introduction, and will continue in phase 2 on even broader scope, we do not consider this work final. Thus, we slightly changed the title of deliverable D1.3 by deleting the word “Final”.

D1.3 reports also on achievements on other topics of WP1 such as the PhD student database and mobility support.

Submitted On:  15 Jul 2007
Submitted By:  Olivier Festor (festor)
File Date:  15 Jul 2007
Author:  WP1 participants
File Size:  5,342.57 Kb
File Type:  pdf
Downloads:  231
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