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File Title:  D1.5 Common Course Program and Integration Activity Report   download_trans.gifDownload

Since the objectives of work package 1 are to document and foster the integration and collaboration among EMANICS partners, to enhance the visibility of EMANICS and to develop an initial a common course program, as documented in the JPA, deliverable D1.5 reports on the achievements of these tasks in the last reporting period. Two tasks are especially outlined, namely the involvement of EMANICS in the activities of the Future Internet to increase the visibility of EMANICS, and the analysis of the impact of social networking among IT researchers as a means of collaboration.

The common course program on the master level in network and service management, as reported already in D1.4, has been extended with new teaching material from the area of ”Economic management - Charging and Accounting of IP ser vices” and in ”Advanced Topics in Policy-based Management, Context-Awareness and Ontologies in Network and Service Management”.

Social networks are a quite emerging means of collaboration among people, and may operate on several levels (e.g., researchers, friends, families). They play certainly a role in determining the way problems are solved and organizations are run. Since collaboration is one of the objectives of work package WP1, it was quite obvious to take a closer view on social networks as well. Thus, one activity in WP1 was to analyze the impact of social networks by designing a questionnaire firstly, secondly, to gather the necessary data, and thirdly, to perform an evaluation of the results. Besides, requirements for social networks from the perspective of IT researchers have been derived, and documented as well.

Deliverable D1.5 reports also on several EMANICS activities in the area of Future Internet. The organization and the leading of the ICT networking session “Management Challenges of the Future Internet” in Lyon, a special issue of the IEEE Communications Magazine on “Management of the Future Internet”, the organization of a Dagstuhl seminar on ”Management of the Future Internet”, and the co-organization of the workshop “Management of the Future Internet”, co-located with the 11th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Management in New York are some of the activities to mention. Important observations during the involvement in these activities have been that (i) management is crucial for the success of the Future Internet, and (ii) that it is necessary to think about management from the very beginning of the design of the Future Internet. D1.5 documents comments and outputs related to these activities.

Finally, deliverable D1.5 covers the deployment of the EMIN tool, a tool to document and report the integration among EMANICS partners. Improvements have been made towards mechanisms to gather and evaluate data as far as possible in an automatic way and to minimize the necessary manual input. Besides, D1.5 reports on the development of a common taxonomy for network and service management that was proposed and accepted by the IFIP WG 6.6, IEEE CNOM and IRTF-NMRG as well as the results achieved in indexing DBLP.

Submitted On:  20 Jan 2009
Submitted By:  Hochstatter (hochstatter)
File Date:  20 Jan 2009
Author:  WP1 Partners
File Size:  8,761.19 Kb
File Type:  pdf
Downloads:  10
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