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File Title:  D1.4 Research and Teaching Map Report   download_trans.gifDownload


Deliverable D1.4 reports on the achievements and results of the first nine month period of the second phase. Since work package 1 is also call-based, the deliverable reports the current status of all funded projects, and the results achieved during the reporting period which are: 

• PhD database 

• EMIN (EMANICS Integration Reporting Tool) 

• Worldwide Research Map 

• Taxonomy on Network and Service Management 

• Common Course Program resp. a curriculum for the PhD and MSc level with additional course material.


The first topic reported refers to the description of the concept and implementation of the EMANICS PhD database, in collaboration with work package 4, to strengthen the collaboration between partners and stimulate also joint PhD committees. 


The development of EMIN (EMANICS Integration Reporting Tool) was focused on the integration with the grant application system, developed by UPC, and with the objective to avoid that the same data needs to be entered several times. Another aspect was the analysis and access to several data sources (e.g., quarterly management reports, the funded project proposals (which are the results of the call-based model), the IMT tool as provided by the coordinator CDC, the grant application system) in order to make them available for EMIN. The deliverable reports on first implementations and results. 


Started from the initial idea of just visualizing research interests, the objective of the world-wide research map has been extended during the discussions to report also on current and planned projects as well as conferences researchers are involved. The WwRM should thus ease and stimulate collaboration within joint projects, joint PhD committees, and joint publications. Therefore, it was necessary to extract resp. access data from the JEMS conference system on one side, and to allow a flexible and especially easy way of adding and updating data manually by the researchers on the other side. A first implementation with Google maps has been realized and was presented at the work package meeting in January in Barcelona. 


To develop a taxonomy of network and service management, a top-down as well as a bottom-up approach have been taken. During the WP1 meeting in Munich, a top-down approach has been taken to define the important terms of network and service management. The bottom-up approach mainly consisted of analyzing the data in the JEMS conference database about the topics of interests researchers have entered for several conferences. The deliverable reports on the outcomes of the analysis and the conclusions out of the bottom-up approach. Although not thought of it in the beginning, the scope of the taxonomy has been extended beyond EMANICS. The defined taxonomy resp. ontology should serve also for other purposes such as for e.g., IFIP classification.


The initial curriculum for the network and service management for the MSc level was defined. The structure and the content are also described in this deliverable. 


Submitted On:  02 Jul 2008
Submitted By:  Hochstatter (hochstatter)
File Date:  30 Jun 2008
Author:  WP1 Participants
Downloads:  43
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