Common Misconceptions about Blogging


is attracting almost every third people in this world. Be it a professor, youngster, writer or business blogging, people is coming with certain expectation regarding blogging. However, as the niche is becoming a favorite exercise on the internet community, at the same pace some common misconceptions about Blogging are growing up. Here go some common

misconceptions about blogging


Blogging is a Gold Mine:

Many of us assume that blogging is a kind of gold mine. Well, it is true but not as easy you think. In order earn huge bucks, one need to put the real hard work and the effort. At the first place one is expected to have an impressive content. Secondly, you have look for placing ads that matches with the content on your site. Of course, the ad has to be complementary to the existing blog post.

Readers are Automatically Attracted:

Well, it is one of the most hazardous conceptions floating around. Right after post the blog or content, you need to equally work hard on the marketing and promotion on your blog. If you think that just by posting your blog will serve your purpose then you might lead to wrong way. You will have to make people read your blog as most of the time; people would not find your content in the crowd. If you lack the skill of writing a good and interesting post then go for the guest posting services.

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Blogging is Easy:

This is the major misconceptions. Around 70 percent of folk start blogging as some freelancing jobs. Many of us even don’t realise the kind of effort and hard work that it needs. It is not that blogging is an extremely difficult genre, but it is about the intense passion. You need to derive fun out of it initially and may be after sometime it will start churning out the fruits. Nevertheless, it only comes after hours of hard work.

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Bloggers are Supporters:

What you need to understand simply is there is nobody in this world that can help you without having any interest. As long as you are newbie and not in the race people may help you. However, once they have realised that you leading the race, nobody is going help you in this online cutthroat competition. So, in order to get helped, you will always have to pay for the services hired.

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Blogging is Simple:

Blogging is simple is another big misconceptions and common in the web world. If you think it is as easy as writing a post and publishing it, then you are certainly under some big misconceptions. This may be enough for driving traffic on your site. Blogging is a highly technical exercise, as you have to place ads, engage the social media site promotion and also submit content for search engine optimisation. Thus, Blogging is not a lazy job and requires a lot of time and effort.

The above listed points are highly important to understand the clear paradigm of blogging niche.

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