Best 5 Link Removal Tools to Recover from a Penalty

Recently we have shared a list of top 5

backlinks checker tools

. And today we are here with a few

link removal tools

when you are looking at Google. However, there is only one official tool, and that tool is mentioned as number one on this list. The other tools are there to help you craft your backlink profile into something a little healthier for your website. Here are five great

link removal tools

that will help you recover from a Google penalty.

Disavow Link Tool:

This is a tool that allows you to delete the links that Google has on file for you. It is only supposed to be used as a last report tool when you have tried everything else to get rid of the links and you have no other choice. It is a tool that allows you to create a list of the troublesome links that you have and it will remove them from the Google index when it has time. It can take Google quite a while to remove the links from its index. There is also no guarantee that it will actually remove them from the index even if you use the tool. It is one of those tools that should only be used when you have tried everything else because it is a bit of a pain for a piece of software to keep dedicating time to undoing what the software is supposed to be doing.

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Delete Back Links:

The name of the tool is a little on the nose. It allow say to analyze the places where your links are coming from and then identify if those backlinks are bad for your website and for its SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can create a list and then start analyzing with one click. You can ask that the link be removed from the other domain if you wish. You can even have the tool send the request for you. It will even confirm that the message has been sent to the other person. It is not too great about analyzing links that it cannot determine are linked to your website, so consider that a warning if you are looking to start deleting backlinks.

Link Detox:

This is a tool that allows you to take yourself out of the link detox area and save yourself a little time when doing it. Unlike pointer number one, which is a Google device, this is one that was developed by a company that wants to save you time and trouble at the same time. It can give you an idea and warning about the messages you get from Google. It can analyze the emails to help you compose a response to Google. It allows you to devote more time to link building and less time to link removal. It is able to analyze over sixty thousand links and over eighty metrics too. It gives you recommendations about link data and will even tell you if it thinks part of your link profile is bad for your website. It recommends which of your links should be purged.

SEO Gadget:

This is a tool that allows you to analyze link data and to run links through the tool to find out specific things about the link. In reality it helps you to locate bad URLs and links that are dragging down your website and its SEO. It is a free tool that is very easy to use and helps you to take better care of your SEO on your website.


This is a tool to use if you are having trouble removing links from the Google index. It will help you get rid of those links so that if you are suffering from a Google penalty then you can recover and even recover a little quicker. It has its own disavow system that many find easy to use and quick to use. You can add domains to this system and it will help you compose emails to the people who own the other domains and links. This is so you may get rid of the links via the people who are sending them instead of instructing Google to disavow the links.

The device will create these request emails so that you have no big need to do them yourself. In that sense alone it can save you a little time and trouble. It can even help you create reminders for the other domains for if they are dragging their feet in removing your links. The more you pay for your description then the more you are able to do when it comes to analysis and such.

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