Become Adventurous with iPhone Games

Have fun with the seemingly endless supply of adventure based games for your iPhone. These are real cool because you can become a completely different personality based on what game you’re playing. There are so many things you can do and become, that it’s great fun indeed. If you never really had much fun when you were a child, especially if you couldn’t have your dose of adventure, then these are the games you should indulge in now! There are many premium and lite versions of games on the App store and you can download them and get started, having fun. However, here’s a look at some of those games.


Fulfill your deepest fantasy and become famous. With this iPhone game you can progress from being a nobody to becoming a superstar. Choose the type of character you want to be and go to the studios where you have to work hard so you can play harder at the Club. This is the hotspot where you will meet friends and foes whom you might have to fight with if you want to win the game. Strategize and become a little cunning as you wander up the alleyways of fame.

Buckingham Palace: Hidden Mysteries

Here’s a cool game where you have to hunt for hidden objects in the beautiful setting of the Buckingham Palace. The objects are strewn around in places where you might normally not conceive of looking, and the objects themselves are a bit strange and unusual. This game can keep you occupied, as you keep looking around and sharpening your observation skills. Good one there!

Fuzz Friend

The Fuzz Friend is a cute application which takes all you’ve got to give. Whether you’re giving it treats to make it happy or flinging it across the wall when you’re not happy, it takes everything that’s dished out. Sounds cruel? Well, yes it is in a way. But don’t be too bothered about that! The Fuzz Friend is not a real creature, it’s a virtual friend on your iPhone which glows with happiness when you make it happy and cries its heart out when you treat it badly. Shake the iPhone hard and the Fuzz starts crying and will finally disappear in a puff of confetti. So sad! Set up different environments for the Fuzz to live in, whether it’s something that resembles your office or in freezing Antarctica!

Flick Fishing

Those who love fishing and can never seem to get enough from this game will love it for sure! This game lets you choose between numerous realistic environments where you have to flick your hand to cast the line. Using the right combination of skill, location and tackle, you have to hook the fish. Remember that once you hook it, you have to reel it in slowly and carefully or the line will break and the fish will escape. The bigger the fish, the greater the struggle for freedom! Go enjoy!

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