Android Game Review: Jimmy Pataya

Most people would not enjoy jumping out of a plane without a parachute, but Jimmy is an exception to the rule. Jimmy is the hero of  Paladin Studios’ “Jimmy Pataya”. The Dutch developers start this casual game with Jimmy jumping out of a plane, then you step in and guide him in the air, so that he doesn’t crash into obstacles (blades, that funnily enough look like the blades of a mill – little Dutch joke there?). The idea is that you fall as far as possible without crashing into these blades. Sounds pretty simple, but is it? I guess it’s time to play Jimmy PATAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…

Graphics: A colorful free fall

Never was meeting your doom so bright and colorful before. As Jimmy falls down you see the earth coming closer, there are stars, colorful blades, rockets and helmets. As Jimmy falls down, you see him going faster and faster, a detail I absolutely love. Furthermore, the cartoon-like style with which Jimmy Pataya is created is wonderful, not too much detail, but thick lines and loads of color. Yes, it would be nice if the background (the earth) had some more features to it, it would be really nice if you could see more detail (for example, the great wall or the Eiffel tower), the closer you get. Another thing (more like a wish) would be that there’s an option where you can change the weather and that rain or wind will affect your fall.  All in all, lovely, fresh and colorful graphics!

Graphics: 4/5

Sounds: Awesome!

The sounds of Jimmy Pataya are really good. The music is fun and for some reason, I could not imagine any other sounds to go with the game. What I love even more are the background sounds, you hear Jimmy shooting “awesome!” or “that was close!” This is the first time I hear this in an Android game and I think it adds a great dimension to this game. In short, the sounds are great, awesome, and very entertaining. I love the sounds and that means: full points!

Sounds: 5/5

Controls: Fly like a bird

Okay, basically you’re not flying like a bird, since you’re in a fast descend towards the surface of the earth, but with regard to the controls I’d like to say: they make you feel as if you can fly like a bird. You tilt your Android device and you fly to the left, or to the right, you can make sharp turns, as well as small movements. The controls of Jimmy Pataya are like a dream. This is wonderful for the gameplay, the only thing is that you can’t blame the controls once you crash…

Controls: 5/5

Scope: Keep on falling

The scope of Jimmy Pataya is rather small. There’s one mode: you fall down and you keep falling. Evidently, it is unknown how many metres you can fall before you hit the ground/before Jimmy’s buddies pick him up with their plane, but it is a bit disappointing. Derk de Geus, one of the developers at Paladin Studios, said in the developer interview that “Mobile games are played for about the same length that console games take to start up.” Therefore, it’s not that odd that Paladin Studios decided to design a game that’s not fully immersive, but fun for on-the-go. However, that does mean that Jimmy Pataya gets quite a low score on this one: one point for the one mode and one point for it being endless.

Scope: 2/5

Atmosphere: Superb skydiving

Jimmy Pataya looks great, sounds awesome and has wonderful controls. Yes, it comes with only one mode, but like Dirk said “It’s a way to kill time for five minutes instead of a fully immersive experience.” I’ve played this game for more than five minutes and I really want to keep playing it (“Let’s try again. I kind of forgot what Jimmy shouts when he falls,” and “One more time. Just one more time.”). This game has a great atmosphere, it’s funny, it’s colorful and it’s perfect for on-the-go, in the train, on the bus and at home on the couch. Now I just want the changing weather option!

Atmosphere: 4/5

Fun Factor: Total addict

That “Total addict” would be me. Jimmy Pataya is a fun game, it’s easy to play and it’s not too difficult, but it’s difficult enough that it’s challenging to set a new record. I’m not sure how to describe it. I love the graphics, as well as the sounds and the controls and since I’m almost done writing this review, I’ll have some time to play it again. And again. This little game is an absolute time killer, it’s bright, it’s colorful and it’s funny. Paladin Studios have done an awesome job: Jimmy Pataya is super addictive and is going on my all-time favorites list.

Fun Factor: 5/5


Go get “Jimmy Pataya”. Now. There’s not one reason why you shouldn’t install this game on your phone: it’s fun, it’s addictive and it’s free. So even if my review doesn’t convince you, you can download it and try it yourself. So do it now!

Download the game here.

Reviewed by Lara van Waas.

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