7 Great Mistakes That Bloggers Make

Blogging is not only a hobby now but also a smart profession in all over the world. Many people have taken blogging as their profession. Although there are many bloggers but all not well qualified. There are some common mistakes also for most of the bloggers. As there are lots of websites so as a blogger you must need to be exceptional and perfect from others so that people will come to your website and they will get the knowledge by reading your written articles. Here I am giving some mistakes that bloggers make. Hope this will help you to be a perfect blogger.

1. Bad quality writing:

Most of the bloggers face this mistake. It is really important for a blogger to keep high quality in his /her writing style. Poor writing style is really harmful and visitors lose their interest to read that article or blog. Moreover bloggers make grammatical mistakes, spelling errors in their writing. You need to remember that if your visitors go back from your site then they will not come back again to your website. So you need to overcome these problems. No matter about the information quality in your writing but you need to attract your visitors first with your high quality writing style.

2. Concentrate on the audience:

As a blogger most of the time we don’t think about our audience or visitors. We need to think about our audience and what they want. It is really important to concentrate on the audience. Think whatever they are expecting from you. This is one of the common mistakes that is done by the bloggers. When you will think about your audience then also you need to think about the focus. Don’t focus on yourself only. Try to avoid complex sentences and write your blog in simple sentences.

3. Plagiarism:

This is the greatest mistake done by the new blogger most of the time. As a new blogger or older you need to write unique blogs. Most of the time new bloggers copy some of the lines of their blog post from any other article or blog. So their articles got rejected from Google. So you need to write hundred percent unique articles. When you will copy the entire or any part of your article from another article, then your writing will not be published on your blog and you will not be qualified for Google Adsense.

4. Not publishing perfect contents:

As a new blogger we make a common mistake about the publishing of perfect contents. Although we post lots of contents but most of the time they are not perfect for your blog contents. So write on those contents which are fully related to your blog niches. It is really not so important to publish lots of contents rather than publishing quality contents. So as a new blogger you need to overcome this mistake and you need to write quality content. So just focus on quality contents rather than number of contents.

5. Long essay writing:

When we start writing as new blogger we write in long essay style. But it is not so effective and some time it is disgusting for the visitors. So you need to avoid this mistake. When your visitors will get your articles very long then surely most of the readers will lose their interest to read your writing. So try to write in short paragraphs. Moreover when you will write in short paragraphs and will publish them within a gap of two or three days then your audience will be interested to come back to your website again.

6. Different writing style:

Do you identify a new blogger? It is really easy. Just check some articles of a blogger and if you find that his writing style is different in every article then surely he is a new blogger. This is a common mistake for the new bloggers. You need to be consistent in your own writing style. Your audience will not like it if they find you casual in one article and chatty in another article. So you need to select a common style for all your articles. Most of the bloggers face this mistake and you need to overcome this common mistake.

7. Repeating of the word:

For the new bloggers it is a funny and common mistake. Most of the bloggers use the same words and it makes the visitors boring. So you need to use synonyms of the words so that your audience will get your articles interesting. Although it is not so difficult to overcome this funny problem but you need to increase your vocabulary. Most of the freelancers make this mistake and it is really very harmful for a website. As a visitor you will be bored if you get that words are being repeated in an article.

These are the seven greatest mistakes that the blogger makes. So as a new blogger you need to be careful about these mistakes. So just now start blogging and enjoy happy blogging.

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