10 Factors That Could Increase Your Landing Page

It’s not easy to earn money and make a profit. Making money requires a lot of potential and effort on the part of that person. Turning traffic into cash increases your convention rates on your landing page and this would give you a good and well founded bottom line.

There are a lot of things you can find on the net on how to get web traffic, but none of these gives you the things on how to increase your conversion rates on your landing pages. This is very vital, as you would be wasting your time if you lack the knowledge on how to convert your page.

Here are 10 factors that you should consider in increasing conversion rates on your landing pages. You may find these factors a great help for your page.

1. Emphasize the benefits of the product and not its feature. This is an important principle that you must remember in sales, as most people disregard this principle. Be transparent and list the benefits of the product you are endorsing, as most of the potential clients that visit your page wants to know how they will benefit from the product.

2. Determine a Unique Selling Preposition. Find a good asset that sets you off the online market, without it, you are just a page among the millions on the net. It is your preposition that makes you unique from the rest of the competitors.

3. Make your headline catchy. Clients will come in crawling if you make your headline attractive and catchy. An attention catchy headline would make your client want to continue reading.

4. Post script. Create a summary by putting the main points on your page and emphasizing the benefits of your product. Most of the visitors of your page usually turn to your post scripts.

5. For executive summary use subheadings. Most readers on the net will scan your page before they decide to continue to read the whole message or not. These subheadings must tell them the summary of your page. If the readers were just passing by, they would somehow get the essence of the main topic.

6. You must include at least a trial or free bonuses. With the offer of getting something free or a trial, it will increase your chance on sales and add value to your offer as well. Make sure that it will counterbalance your offer, including all the benefits and values of the bonuses or trial you give away.

7. Include the concern, on after sale. Most of the visitors are looking to find assurance before they jump in and make a decision. Reassure your readers, and encourage them to try the product and see for themselves.

8. You must include your contact details. Some clients prefer to send an email so they can ask questions about your offer, so be sure to have your contact details on your page.

9. Include teaching materials or tutorials on your page. You would be amazed to see how many readers turn to this part of your page.

10. A good motivation. A truly motivated person has it all. A potential client can detect this from you by just visiting your page; this becomes your personality. Make a strong impression.

These are just but a few factors to consider in converting your rates on your landing pages. If you use these factors, you should find that you get good results and should see an increase on your conversion rates on your landing page.

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